Integra group - infrastrukturna rješenja

About us

We are IT infrastructure specialists:
  • designing flexible and scalable systems that meet current demands and are easily upgradeable in the future; 
  • executing projects  professionally and within deadlines; 
  • integrating existing and new technologies in order to maximise their features and to meet all the requirements;
  • maintaining IT systems by adjusting to specific demands of service level agreement;
  • partly taking over service delivery (outsourcing) to end users (Help desk) as well as some management functions of the IT department  such as Service Desk management,  IT system monitoring, and others; 
  • helping to choose the equipment which is optimal for business requirements;
  • servicing computers and other IT  equipment prone to malfunctioning.
Besides services and solutions for the infrastructure, we offer the users our help concerning the support and improvement of their working procedures. We implement business solutions and process automation with the view of increasing the efficiency of particular procedures.
We take care of the entire IT infrastructure of the end user. 
The quality of our service is based on the understanding of our user's demands, the ability of analysing our user's needs and the knowledge of necessary solutions and technologies. The quality of our work is guaranteed by the constant investment in the expertise and knowledge acquisition of our employees as well as the improvement of our organisation. To ensure the improvement of our organisation we follow the guidelines given by the ISO 9001 standard requirements and the certificate of this standard has been in our possession constantly since 2007.
The quality of delivering our services and solutions is proven by the partnerships with world leading equipment manufacturers. The list of our partners and partners' status can be checked on the link Partnerships.
The delivery of our services is provided for the entire country through the offices located in Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split.
Users turn to us due to our reputation as experts in the field and they stay with us because of the way we work with them.