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Network infrastructure of accurate size and good-quality implementation is a framework for successful business action in any company.   
Depending on the size of a company size especially on specific business demands, each company is offered the optimal solution.
Network infrastructure implementation service includes initial defining of system size according to needs and requirements, installation of equipment and maintenance after putting the system into operation.
Network infrastructure can be divided into LAN and WLAN (wireless) networks.
Besides being the basis of each IT infrastructure, LAN networks increase business productivity and company competitiveness by allowing the introduction of new applications and services like voice and video. Critical system parts require a high dependable LAN and WLAN architecture satisfying strict transmission and security criteria.
WLAN networks have become increasingly more popular solution for transmission of data and voice traffic. The implementation itself includes the analysis of area covered by wireless network (free channel control, determining the coverage radius of antennas and communication barriers), implementation and configuration of Access Points, implementation of wireless controllers for supervision and AP controls, separating access for internal users and for guests, etc.
Network communication solutions include switch boxes, routers, wireless connection devices and network security products.
Business benefits:
  • Access to applications and data inside and outside the office
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