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E mail system

Electronic mail and collaboration platform have become a critical success factor for every organization. Most organizations use email as the primary method of communication with users, partners and suppliers.
Microsoft Exchange server is one of the most popular services for emailing and collaboration in the world. It is suitable for use in all IT systems relying on Microsoft Windows infrastructure. Microsoft Outlook, as one of the most popular email applications, can reach its full potential only in cooperation with Exchange system.
Some of the reasons for using Microsoft Exchange are:
  • Keeping emails at one centralized location  
  • Calendar sharing, group scheduling of meetings – sending meeting inquiries, tracking and  changing arrangements
  • Task sharing among users
  • Secure connection of Outlook client both locally and online
  • AntiSpam solution in the email itself  
  • Different access to email: Web and mobile search engines, Outlook, Smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • Using “public folders“ for collaboration.
The latest version, Exchange 2013, has additional security:
  • Improved inbox archiving
  • Better mobile client support
  • Outlook Web Access features are comparable to the ones in Outlook
  • Simplified administration and delegation of administration
  • Possibility of advanced integration with other Microsoft Office services (SharePoint, Lync, ...)
  • Running on slower and cheaper disks
  • Achieving high availability of bases without using SAN system (DAG) 
FortiMail is a solution for electronic mail by company Fortinet. It is an email system with proven security and stability which due to its flexibility and functionality is intended for organizations of all sizes regardless of their existing infrastructure. Having three modes of operation the device provides flexibility and requires minimal infrastructure modifications.
  1. In a transparent mode Fortimail provides all security features, but does not require infrastructure modification because it operates in “invisible mode“. The device requires only the IP address for management.
  2. In a gateway mode the device is located between the Internet and the local network. All external email communication passes through it, and after AV and Antispam scanning, emails are forwarded to email server.   
  3. In a server mode Fortmail operates as a email server and inboxes can be located on it or on the external devices. There is a possibility of integration to directory services, and  POP3, IMAP and Webmail are also available.
Some of the characteristics of FortiMail are:
  • The possibility of storing emails, quarantine and archives to local disks and NFS, iCSI  external devices
  • Advanced filter of incoming and outgoing emails
    • External SPAM and internal  spambots
    • Malware/Phishing
    • DOS/DDOS attacks
    • Reputation keeping
    • Directory harvesting protection
    • Reports
  • Different Antispam/Antivirus settings for various receivers
The fundamental business benefit of an email system is represented in the more efficient work organization. 
The advantage of having one's own collaboration system instead of using cloud services is in the flexibility of adjusting the system to business needs.
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