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Protecting data by creating a security file is a critical element of any ICT system.
Security files are crucial for ensuring survival of the company. Permanent loss of even a small quantity of data can be fatal for business. The extent of financial and reputation damage suffered by the company depends on the speed which the ICT system and related business processes use to recover from the catastrophe.
Security files, keeping data integrity and tested procedure for data restoring are of crucial importance in case of recovery from catastrophe.  Whether it is only the partial loss of less important information or the corruption of great amount of key data, the speed and efficiency of business recovery depend on data backup&restore.

What will the system of creating a security file look like depends on:
  • acceptable loss of data/transactions  (RPO – Recovery Point Objective)
  • acceptable time without data/transaction (RTO – Recovery Time Objective)
The virtualization of servers has introduced some new and advanced options for creating security files and restoring data, therefore there are specialized backup and restore solutions for virtualized environment which use all the advantages of virtualized environment with the purpose of securing the business continuity.
The integral part of creating security files is the regular check of restore procedure which ensures the integrity of backup operations and confirms if the setup values for RPO and RTO parameters have been met.
Business benefits:
  • Protection against data loss
  • Quicker recovery of system functionality after breakdown


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