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Since data quantity has been drastically increasing from day to day, the efficient way of using disk space and its scalability is becoming an ever more important issue for big as well as small enterprises. 
Data storage systems provide adequate space for centralised data storage; in addition to that, they ensure efficient use and fast allocation of disk space and easier way of creating security files.
As a foundation of modern ICT infrastructure, data storage solutions represent basic prerequisite for creating a system of high-availability clusters and continuous business activity (replication) as well as for the solutions for recovery from catastrophe (backup data)
It is almost impossible to imagine the implementation of server or desktop virtualization in the environment without a central data storage system, where the focus is put on the technologies developed for the purposes of increasing system efficiency using the features of deduplication and thin provisioning. The advanced features, such as tiering, provide an ideal solution for the optimal use of the system for creating security files on a disk or in online archives.
Various data storage systems cover different user needs, from small and less demanding to huge systems for heterogeneous environment with complex features.
Business benefits:
  • Business continuity ensured
  • Administration and maintenance cost reduction
  • Quick adjustment to new business requirements


HP Data Protector
Microsoft DPM
CA BrightStore
Veeam Backup&Replication
Symantec BackupExec; NetBackup; V-Ray
Abbott Laboratories d.o.o.
Agroproteinka d.d.
Calucem d.o.o.
Cesting d.o.o.
Državna geodetska uprava
Europlakat d.o.o.
Geoprojekt d.d.
Hrvatski ured za osiguranje
Izvor osiguranje d.d.
L'Oreal Adria d.o.o.
Sberbank d.d.
Tokić d.o.o.
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Zavod za urbanizam i izgradnju d.d.
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