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Patch management

Frequent problems with viruses, worms and other malicious software indicate inadequate patch management.
In order to have a completely secure and dependable system it is necessary to install patches for all installed system software on regular basis.  All software manufacturers publish regularly patches for their products with the view to improve functionality, increase security and repair software errors.  Most manufacturers have subsystems for distribution and control of patch installation on user computers.
Patch distribution systems should cover BIOS, firmware, OS and installed applications. 
Besides the mere installation, it is necessary to define and regularly monitor patch installation execution and carry out manual installation where it is required.  It is recommended to check patches before installing them on a computer.  
The implementation of patch management allows:
  • Control and management of system patches at one location,
  • Centralized patch download and distribution within the company,
  • Blocking viruses and other security problems caused by software gaps,
  • Increased software stability.
Business benefits:
  • Safer system
  • System maintenance cost reduction


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