Integra group - infrastrukturna rješenja

IT maintenance

Regardless to the unquestionable quality of your partners' equipment there is always a need for occasional maintenance and repair of computers and other IT equipment. 
We are an authorized service centre for Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Lenovo computers and other IT equipment; however you can also contact us with confidence for out-of-warranty IT repair of computers and other IT equipment from various manufacturers. 
Your computer or printer can be delivered to one of our service centres as follows:
·        Computer repair shop Zagreb, Ede Murtića 4, Tel.: 01/3040-070
·        Computer repair shop Osijek, Županijska 21, Tel.: 031/200-614
·        Computer repair shop Rijeka, Dražice Zamet 138, Tel.: 051/500-300
·        Computer repair shop Split, Lička 4, Tel.: 021/ 388-755
Or you can call us and we will collect it ourselves or organize a delivery.
We guarantee a quick and professional repair by our experienced and certified experts.