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Endpoint security

Viruses are still one of the greatest threats for an IT system so the compulsory part of every system’s security is endopoint security, that is, antivirus/antispyware solution.  The system might have several layers of protection implemented in the form of a firewall or a UTM solution protecting the computer from Internet threats, despite that, it is necessary to have antivirus/antispyware software because it offers a unique security solution by protecting the computer from local threats (infections via USB stick, local network or something similar).
For the systems with more than 10 computers it is recommended to use centralized solution which enables remote computer management, bulk installation without working on each computer separately and the security report of the entire system. It facilitates detecting and solving problems in case of a virus attack. In addition, centralized endpoint security solution facilitates distribution of antivirus definitions from the local server without the need for each computer to download definitions from the Internet thus reducing Internet connection load.
Business benefits:
  • Data protection of customer equipment 
  • System protection against danger via infected customer equipment (smart phone, tablet, computers)


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