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Nowadays business environment requires quick and simple communication and coordination among employees, organisation units and other organizations aiming at efficient cooperation and information sharing. 
Lync is a communication platform which via computer, tablet and mobile phone connects people providing correspondence, availability display, audio/video conversations and conferences, VoIP and application and content sharing.
By using Lync federation service it is possible to connect to partners or users outside one's own organization, including Skype users, thus allowing the combination of global range with enterprise features.
Great savings in time and travel costs can be achieved by simply organizing a video conference.
Microsoft Lync is integrated to Microsoft Office applications providing easier and quicker content sharing with people from Lync contact book. By using Outlook users can check contact availability, view contact information and start instant communication via desired channel, and the communication is automatically archived within user's email profile.
The use of Lync 2013 together with Exchange 2013 and Sharepoint 2013 provides a full scope of content and information integration. Connecting Lync service with Exchange platform facilitates contact data storage at one location. Data archiving technology enables simple search between Exchange and Sharepoint tools. 
Business benefits:
  • Increase in employee productivity
  • Cost reduction by organizing video conferences and meetings
  • Faster and easier communication
  • Easier cooperation using application and content sharing
Microsoft Lync
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