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Digital Sinange

The market today is overwhelmed with numerous products, and the competition has never been stronger, therefore there is a need for more conspicuous presentation of products so customers could more easily perceive them. Due to accelerated development of screen manufacturing technology resulting in price fall a completely new advertising form has developed – digital advertising.
Digital advertising uses big screens for displaying different content. Content can be informative, multimedial or in any other form that the advertiser uses to transfer the message to the audience. Content is often managed via computer or server; however there are specialized devices with the exclusive purpose of digital advertising.
The devices provide current updating of displayed content on several different screens at various locations; promotional content can be distributed via Internet in real time while the preparation and editing of the content is significantly easier. Messages that are transferred are dynamic, clear and interactive which agrees with the sensibility of present day consumer.
Besides the usual marketing purpose the systems are used for the distribution of various data in education institutions, health care facilities, traffic junctions and other places of public gathering.
Business benefits:
  • More efficient interaction with customers resulting in the sale increase
  • Increase in user satisfaction
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