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Password Management

Managing sensitive data is one of more difficult tasks in present-day ICT environments. The method of using, distribution and saving data with a high level sensitivity represent a daily issue and a security risk.
It does not matter if they are passwords, PINs, licenced keys, credit card numbers or other sensitive data; they all need safekeeping and being managed in a safe and controlled way.
A safe method of password management implies the concept of secret information ownership. The owner can share that information with other users and determine the levels and duration of the access right for other users and monitor the usage of access right to that information via reports and notifications in real time. 
The concept of information ownership is completely independent from authorization levels in the ICT environment and all unauthorized personnel, including the administrators, do not have access to that information unless authorised by the information owner.
More advanced solutions for password management offer the possibility of integration with network devices, servers and directory services as well as central password management on devices themselves.  Using those password management solutions it is possible to adjust requirements for password complexity and password expiry from a central location, automatically generate a new password and using password synchronisation with the central location perform simultaneous password change on multiple devices.
Password management represents solution for meeting numerous security requirements, such as PCI DSS standard requirement.
Business benefits:
  • Sensitive data protection
  • Increased administrator productivity
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