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A business strategy using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, which focuses on the customer, can provide the solution for many issues that companies may have difficulties with. Everyone knows the number of signed contracts or daily transactions, or the market share in relation to the competition; however the questions concerning the total number of customer the company has and the way they are categorized, the quantity or a product line that a particular customer buys, how simple or complicated it is to communicate with a customer and similar questions are often left unanswered or the answer is uncertain.
Trends and market characteristics as well as growing competition require a swift response and a good understanding of customers. Customers are increasingly relying on their suppliers, and nowadays, when it is very easy to change suppliers, the primary goal is to keep the customers satisfied. There are more and more customers; since their demands, habits and trends have become more specific, understanding one’s customers is becoming an increasingly more difficult task.
A specialized solution for customer relationship management - CRM provides flexibility, efficient communication, decrease in administration and process automation which leads to operative cost reduction as well as it ensures the development of unique customer approach and allows for innovation and creation of new income resources.
Business benefits of CRM:
  • Income increase and cost reduction
  • Increase in efficiency and sale productivity analysis
  • Efficient marketing communication, specially focused on user demands and more personalized approach to product development
  • Gaining a clear insight into user satisfaction
  • More efficient anticipation of user needs as a precondition for innovation and creation of new products
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