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PKI and Digital Certificates

Implementation of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system allows the issuing and management of digital certificates.
Digital certificates are used to encrypt data, protect wireless network traffic, protect web services, protect network access, allow VPN access, sign emails and other documents, allow user login via smart card, utilize RMS (Rights Management Services) and any other application or service which requires the use of  digital certificates.
By implementing a personal PKI system the user has complete control over the fact who is allowed to issue which certificate to which user, the user can create custom templates for certificates, with various allocations, revoke certificates, etc.
In addition to personally issued digital certificates it is possible to use external certificates. External PKI certificates are adequate for public web services because they automatically fall into trusted PKI category of all external users and partners.
Business benefits:
  • Secure web communication
  • Electronic signing of documents
  • Data protection


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