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IT equipment relocation

Psychologists consider moving house as one of the most stressful events in life.  The stress does not refer only to changing your living space. The change of  business location is becoming more frequent and IT equipment relocation is not the same as moving tables and closets. 
The management expects from employees to work at the old location on Friday as usual and then on Monday morning everything has to work flawlessly at the new location. Clients and partners expect to be able to access web services without interruption, 24X7. If there is a need to change telecommunication service operator at the same time, the relocation becomes even more complicated.
IT systems are becoming more and more complex and, with regular things to do, there is not enough resources for preparation and pursuit of IT system relocation. Every hour of IT system being unavailable directly reflects on the business financial result of a company.
The service of IT equipment relocation includes:
  • Relocation plan preparation,
  • Advice on the preparation of new location,
  • Preparation of the equipment for relocation,
  • Uninstalling and transporting equipment,
  • Installation at the new location,
  • System functional testing.
Business benefits
  • Minimized relocation risk,
  • Shortened period of business standstill due to relocation.
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