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Service catalogue creation

Service catalogue links business processes to IT services, and IT services to individual IT system components. Thus created chart (service catalogue) clearly defines IT services which are required as support for specific business processes and system elements required for creating adequate IT system architecture.
Creating a service catalogue has the following significant merits:
  • Better understanding of business needs and demands as well as their correlation to IT services,
  • A possibility of cost redistribution according to individual business departments,
  • Comparing services to the ones given by other service providers,
  • Positive  (and significant) change in behaviour and service usage by the end user,
  • Increasing awareness of IT service significance.
Business benefits:
  • Providing IT support according to business process needs
  • Reduced inefficiency caused by redundant IT services and processes
  • Redistribution of  resources for IT critical business systems
  • Cost reduction of IT business actions


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