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Document management, as well as communication within a company, can be a significant organizational problem. Some statistics show that employees waste up to a third of their working hours in search of data and documents, it represents a big problem concerning efficiency and work organization which then affects the business result.  
SharePoint is a solution for document management which increases the efficiency of business processes by allowing the following:
  • Saving and working on documents per domains organized according to business processes of an organization - projects, locations, organization units or something else
  • Defining and structuring rights and access right levels to certain domains or even specific documents and information
  • Tracking changes on documents through document versioning and accessing history of changes
  • Publishing valid documents and communicating notifications and changes 
  • Setting up automated mode for documents and other content - authorization and checking of documents, signature collecting, ...
  • Discussions, questionnaires, surveys, records
  • Simple search in all domains etc.
Business benefits of SharePoint:
  • Document management in accordance with business processes
  • Support for team and project work
  • More efficient business process running
  • Increased productivity
  • Coordination with positive directives on IT security and work organization
Microsoft SharePoint Portal
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