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Desktop deployment

Handwork is extremely valued in the production of lace or crystal glasses, in case of computer installation, which is one of the most time consuming and the least amusing computer operations, handwork is a necessary evil and the unnecessary waste of time.
Desktop deployment – automation of the entire process of installation, reinstallation or upgrading of the operating system with automated installation of required business and auxiliary applications and possible migration of user data increases the efficiency level of IT personnel and end users. In addition, automated installation (desktop deployment) significantly facilitates and quickens the removal of flaws caused by hardware malfunction, malvare attack or minor system failures, and respectively increases the speed of computer equipment replacement when required.
Desktop deployment ensures standardization of operating systems, applications and computer settings. Computer standardization increases the efficiency of computer management and facilitates the harmonization with security and other standards.
The use of new operating systems features, which enable offline computer image processing, and updating those systems with the latest patches before being applied increases the level of system security due to the fact that computers are within the standards or company policy at the moment they are being switched on.
Business benefits:
  • Reduced time consumption and costs of installing, replacing and upgrading computers
  • Easier computer maintenance


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