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IT system monitoring

IT system monitoring aims at reducing the frequency of IT system breakdowns by using active and proactive methods of noticing the events that might endanger IT system operation and removing them on time; and by checking user availability of IT system services. 
The IT system monitoring service is intended for organizations which are not ready, regardless to their reasons, to invest in their own resources, but are aware of the importance of constant and expert monitoring.
The service of IT system monitoring includes:
  • Checking the availability of server resources,
  • Checking the availability of network equipment,
  • Checking the availability of published services,
  • Checking the resources for AD and PKI authentication.
  • Checking server performances (CPU/memory/ disks/ network),
  • Message queues, mail flow, connector check (Exchange),
  • Database health (Exchange  and SQL),
  • Diagnostics - health check of hardware and software system components
  • Other services as required by the user
Business benefits:
  • Service intervention cost efficiency
  • Reducing business losses due to less frequent system breakdowns and faster recovery in case of malfunction, without investing in one's own resources (applications and experts)
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