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SLA support

There are almost no business processes today which do not need an IT system in some way. It especially refers to key business processes where the integration level of working process and the IT supportive solutions can determine the market advantage of an organization or its profitability. On the other hand, short delays in running of a key business process puts the organization under the risk of losing reputation and suffer financial damage, and in case of a longer or permanent standstill, the damages can assume catastrophic proportions.
Each organization aims at minimising delays in running of key business processes by securing access to all necessary resources and thus to the IT system, or to all its IT services necessary for running of the key process.
To meet the needs of such organisations we offer the service of specialised IT support with guaranteed support service level (IT SLA support ) which includes all the elements of service defined by Service Level Agreement (SLA).
The IT SLA support is configured depending on the business needs of an organization, and its essential elements are proactive actions, guaranteed reaction time (24/7) and guaranteed recovery time of individual IT service. All activities within IT SLA support are based on ITIL guidelines including the measuring of service execution level.
Business benefits:
  • High level of IT system and service reliability and availability
  • More free time to spend on meeting business needs of your organization
  • Fewer permanently-employed experts with different specialties
  • Quicker change implementation and coordination with organization's business needs
  • Lower operating costs and greater efficiency of IT department


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