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Service desk and Help desk service

The major part of IT department low efficiency problem as well as the end user dissatisfaction with received service derives from the fact that a great amount of time is spent on dealing with malfunctions and it does not contribute to efficient company business activity. 
Unsystematic receiving of requests with some of them not being registered at all, problems with priorities and dealing with incidents, recurrent incidents and similar situations present a problem for good quality management of IT processes and services, because they do no leave enough time to work on preventive and proactive measures which increase the level of system availability.
Service desk and Help desk present the outsourcing of the service related to managing end user requests for IT service in accordance with ITIL standards.
Service desk and Help desk service includes:
Incident management:
  • Centralized reception of incidents and change requests from end users (by phone, email, web interface)
  • First level support
  • Directing requests to external partners
  • Request life cycle monitoring and request closing
  • Notifications and escalations according to defined processes
  • Self-help knowledge base
  • End user request notifications (number of incidents, SLA,...)
Problem management:
  • Tracking related incidents with the purpose of reducing the number of incidents, expending self-help knowledge base and improving IT employee availability
Change management:
  • Management of change requests with the purpose of minimising the risk arising from change implementation
Service Asset and Configuration Management:
  • Registration and notification of assets, including different versions, integral components and other attributes  with a view of better planning and asset management
  • Asset lifecycle monitoring
  • Asset configuration control
Business benefits:
  • Increased level of IT system availability
  • More efficient IT asset management
  • Greater productivity of IT system user
  • All that without investing into development of one's own Service desk and Help desk system sand and without using one's own IT resources
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